From Deep Red To Infinite Black

by Absent Distance

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Artwork by Krisztián Hujber (
Written, mixed and mastered by Absent Distance


released January 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Absent Distance Székesfehérvár, Hungary

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Track Name: One Destination
Round and round I'm spinning in circles
Deep into the void

There is a reason behind it all
We are a breed designed to take the fall
Carry the weight of the world we own
One destination to atone

Right into the absolution

Perceiving the matter through a statical lens
Desolate voids and black descents
Sweeping through the spherical gates
Entering a new awakening
Through the dark I carry the seed
To preserve the future within me

Find a world
An existence to control
Within an invincible protection
There is a probability
A chance of survival
Track Name: Dark Sun
Wait for the night
For the darkness
And turn away from
The world that has forgotten you
Open your eyes
To a new sight
Let shades away and
Stay dead
Under the rays of the sun

Lost in a pale, gloomy light
I bury the sunrise deep inside my broken mind
There no one will ever find
My sanity lies behind the dream
Rscaping reality to hide from what they see

As bleakness fuses in me
I'm losing all control
There is no salvation for my black soul
I am slowly turning into something different
Superior to man
A strange component in God's masterplan
Track Name: Deep Red
White constellation
The way
Closing in on me
Vast illusion
Deep red
In the distance
Moving away through the past
Never reaching time and space

Deep red

The sight of genesis
Keeps on changing form
Disappear into the black
Never coming back

I fade into the red
Face the hollowness
Disappear into the black
Never coming back
Track Name: Infinite Black
I can see instantly
How far the light will be
I believe There is no end to me
I will live forever on and on
Leaving ground blasting sound
I will never be found
Across around all of the universe
As it turns into reality

Now all is dark, all is calm
I am gone but not alone
I've come to see
See the time
As a flowing, endless line

Weightlessness freezing and filling the air
Over and over to the distance I stare
Unfolding space
So immanent time gradient
I'm strong enough
Unfolding fate
Through the desolate sun silhouettes
I'm holding on
Until the lights go out

The meaning of the end
Has brought me to this
Endless motion in the clearance of this darkness
I let myself go
Track Name: Origo
A fraction of the soul
Alone in the world
Wandering the sky in constant motion

The solace is leading on the way
Thoughts follow me down
I can't reach back there is no escape
Redemption is fading into darkness
Alive and conscious I lose myself

A whirling fall to the unknown
A distant call for me alone

Another life
Where I belong
Will emerge across my veins
Separate me from this way
So I will fall
To another soul
Resurrected from a star
With a light to go afar

When the world is fading out
Separated and all lost inside its frail brace
Blinded to the light
In a synchronicity which no one else can see
A pale stain of memory follows me

A scent of evening air
A touch of falling rain
Reminders of a moment free from pain
Track Name: Reflecting Me
Locked in the construct of longing and dreams
Endlessly falling apart
Chained to the fence of my appetite
To feast on what's left of my soul
Who is in there?
Are you aware?

I see myself in the face of the water
Falling in love with my eyes fixed asunder
Lights fade away as the night pulls the curtain
I cannot soar anymore

I have this feeling
I'm not alone
Revolves around my mind it chills me to the bone
I'm seeking the other
Calling for the shadows

Imprisoned inside of my deep red mind
Crushing the doors I can find
Swelling in ether into the void
Tranquillity inside
Who is in there?
Are you aware?

The sun, the sky, the clouds, the light, the rain, the Earth, the night are reflecting me
The days, the weeks, the months, the years, the lies, the ties, your eyes are reflecting me
Track Name: Enigma
The ancient clockwork turns to show its many faces
For us to see
We have contemplated many a time
What governs the changes in the sky

There is life after the passage into the obscurity
Fading through time

Tonight we're calling for you
Who lurks among the stars
Tonight we're sending you signs from below
To be enlightened by the wisdom from above

True enigmas
Telling us what we have lost
Since the ages past
Through the stories we can hear the memories
What we're left with here
Track Name: Sunlight
Burning flames invisible to human eyes
Consuming us
Particles afloat irradiate

We will not remain alone
Stunned into a world unknown
Somewhere there is a light for all
To respond the rescue call

So I relieve myself away from
What's reflecting me
And fall asleep inside a shell of make believe
And let the sunlight in

Now the heat is tearing off my skin
To reveal what lies within
The colors of the world
Attack my senses now

Where are we going now?
Where are we going now?
So misdirected
Track Name: Cryosleep
Lying frozen in the seed of this machine
Living senseless with the body turned to stone
Slowly aging through the centuries I sleep
Visions linger in the cold slumber

Overloaded persistence
Defragmentation of the mind
Chaos and nonsense

With the speed of light I'm falling
Through the stars
I'm dreaming mesmerized

Standing next to the infinity of space
Looking through the glass imagine I'm not here
Faintly glowing in my mind I feel like home
A vision lingers in my cold slumber
Track Name: Phantasm
All that I was
Turned into yesterday, had gone away
Every dream, every memory
Abandoned me

When I close my eyes
I can't remember you
When I'm looking at you
I can not see your face
I can not hear your voice

I'm following rusted, fading memories
They are blown by the winds of time
Disappearing absent from creation
That should never had been born
Non-reckoning, heartless from the suffering
Beaten, struck down to the ground
Unraveling what lies in the emptiness
Still I grief for who I was

So see me rise again
As we witness the end
So tell me what do you say
Track Name: Astromancer
Figures and forms
In eternal motion
Stretching the fabric of time
Matter and space
Creating the meaning
Of above and below

Through the time
The great design of the universe
It slowly turns
The radiant fire
Fade into the eyes of those
Who will to see
Their destiny
Eternal desire

Distant times
Narrow lines
Of the mind
Track Name: Abysmal
I played my role believing
In reason and the mind
To fit right in the picture
Of chaos intertwined
I have conducted everything until you came
Out from the deep and dark
You showed me the right way

Egy álmatlan éj
Túl hosszúra nyúlt
Felbomlott a héj
Ami volt az rég elmúlt

Semmi sem vár
Csak a másodpercek tűnnek át
Ahogyan a mélység lassan körbezár

Egy végtelenbe tűnő út kezdődik el
Csak mondd, hogy te is látsz

Below me the ground is cold
Above me there is a light
Where I'll belong right after
This overrated life
But only the sleep is approaching
My heart gives up the fight
Surrounded by eyes that stare
At my demise

Just tell me you can see